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Breakfast Rye is rye whiskey initially aged in charred new, oak barrels then finished for six months in maple syrup casks--imparting a subtle, sweet finish to the otherwise spicy rye spirit.  Breakfast Rye is an excellent whiskey to drink neat or on the rocks but it shines in classic cocktails like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned.


Nose: black pepper, maple and rye

Pallet: creamy with mint, spice and maple

Finish: long with cinnamon notes

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Barrel Finished Hopped Gin is a unique and exciting take on gin highlighting Citra hops in the botanical load to augment the citrus elements of gin with a subtle note of grapefruit. The barrel finish rounds this gin off with surprising smoothness. The balanced nature of Barrel Finished Gin makes it the perfect spirit to throw a curve ball in your favorite cocktails or even drink neat.


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Utility Vodka was crafted with the expectation that vodka must be smooth and versatile. Expertly distilled and filtered, the name highlights its function - the utility of this vodka comes from how clean it tastes neat, in a martini or your favorite mixed drink. Utility vodka excels at perfectly conveying the flavors and aromas of ingredients its paired with.

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Spiced Rum is flavored with all natural ingredients through an intricate maceration process.  Whole vanilla beans add a prominent note of vanilla, counter balanced by the bitter citrus flavors produced by the addition of hand peeled grapefruit rinds.  Spiced Rum is rounded out with cinnamon, pepper corn and other spices to make a spirit so complex you may not want to mix it.

Available ONLY in OUR Tasting Room



Michigan Single Malt Whiskey is made from 100% malted barley.  As the name implies the grains were grown, malted, mashed, distilled and aged entirely in Michigan.  This is the first distilled product to feature the delicious and proprietary Peanut Butter Toast Malt from Pilot Malt House.  The grain bill includes cherry wood smoked barley and contributes to a malt intensity that is the star of the show.  Aged long enough to smooth the edges this spirit does not allow its unique Michigan malt flavors to recede.



Apple Brandy is a delicate spirit distilled from fermented apple juice.  Gray Skies sources apple juice and ferments our own hard cider on site with a special yeast typically used for rum.  This fermentation creates an exceptionally light and crisp spirit.  Already distinct coming off the still, this Apple Brandy is aged in used cooperage (barrels) previously home to rye whiskey.  This adds a hint of classic rye spiciness to round out a one of a kind Apple Brandy.



This English style Silver Rum is distilled from Louisiana turbinado sugar instead of molasses giving it a light fruity taste and wonderful nose.  The tropical yeast strain imparts a subtly fruity essence. This Silver Rum is an excellent base for creating classic summer cocktails like a mojito and serves as the base for our excellent spiced rum.



When some of the finest roasted coffee beans in GR from Rowster Coffee are paired with fresh vanilla, molasses heavy turbinado sugar and our very own hand crafted Utility Vodka – the results are as expected:  Delicious.  Coffee is the king of this liqueur, but deep undertones of dark chocolate, molasses and vanilla play a significant role.  It is perfect to liven up a cup of Joe, or to mix in your favorite coffee cocktail recipe