Gray Skies was founded by two friends trying to build a business they love and create spirits they are proud of.  Steve Vander Pol and Brandon Voorhees have known each other since grade school and after decades of friendship they purchased a dilapidated building in 2014 which eventually became Gray Skies Distillery.

We feel great spirits are a reflection of where they are made. The same Great Lake responsible our namesake wintry gray skies provides the water we use to craft our spirits. An image of Lake Michigan is printed on every bottle we manufacture.  

Gray Skies spirits are a distillation of the Midwest, Michigan, Grand Rapids and our neighborhood. We are a small batch distillery sitting in Grand Rapids North Monroe industrial district, a place with a long tradition of making things. We chose this area to continue this tradition. We make spirits simply because we love doing it and we hand bottle everything we make in Grand Rapids because we love being here. Our grains and malt come from Michigan farmers.  

There is a motto at Gray Skies: good hooch made local. Our only goal is if you try one of our spirits you agree this motto fits.